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Premium Red Barley Miso


From Fundokin Company

KIDARU JUKUSEI MUGI MISO literally means "cider barrel fermented barley miso". This premium red barley miso comes from the historic castle town of Usuki City, Ohita Prefecture on Kyushu, the southern main island of Japan. Barley miso, unlike its more popular and widely distributed cousin, rice miso, has distinctive characteristics - a noticeable barley aroma, much more flavor and faint pleasant mellow sweet aftertaste. If you only know traditional rice miso, you will find this barley miso very tempting.

Most mugi miso (barley miso) comes from Kyushu Island. Ohita Prefecture ranks as the third highest barley production region of Japan. KIDARU JUKUSEI MUGI MISO is made from 45% soybeans and 55% barley. Steamed barley is inoculated with koji bacteria (starter) and mixed with steamed soybeans.

Miso making cider barrel Salt and mineral water are added and the mixture left for fermentation for one year in large twenty year old cider barrels. The year-round mild climate encourages brisk fermentation, producing miso which has lots of umami. KIDARU JUKUSEI MUGI MISO is about 12 % sodium and at the end of the production process only a tiny amount of brewer's alcohol is added to stop further fermentation and retard spoilage.

KIDARU JUKUSEI MUGI MISO makes the very best flavorful miso soup with any added soup ingredient. Use this miso in sauces, dressings and marinades in both traditional Japanese and modern Western preparations. Flavoring braising or simmering broth with KIDARU JUKUSEI MUGI MISO adds instant rich umami and some saltiness to any dish no matter whether it is Japanese, Asian, European or American.

mugi miso Ingredients: Japanese barley, Japanese non-GM soybeans, sea salt, alcohol (to retard spoilage)

Shelf life: one year after production date, refrigerate before and after opening; can be frozen for longer, better quality flavor preservation

The Company: Fundokin was established by Kinjiro Kotegawa as a small, family miso and shoyu (soy sauce) production business in 1861. The company has since expanded and now has been adding a line of bottled seasonings and sauces. However, the company is famous for being the first to successfully produce and market miso on a relatively large commercial scale without artificial chemical preservatives. Since accomplishing this in 1968 their mission has been to expand production of traditional, additive-free products.

Size: 26.45 OZ. (750g)

›› Recipe with KIDARU JUKUSEI MUGI MISO, Premium Red Barley Miso

KIDARU JUKUSEI MISO Sauce with Summer Vegetables, and Beef Braised with KIDARU JUKUSEI MISO from Hiroko Shimbo's NY MTC Kitchen Culinary Room

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