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Premium Soy Sauce in Unique Flake Form

SOY SALT, flake soy sauce

From Kamebishi Company

SOY SALT is a product that merges modern technology, human creativity and traditional artisan-made soy sauce produced by a 254 years old family-owned Japanese brewery.

This unique idea - turning liquid into flakes - originated during extended conversations between the management of Kamebishi Company with Japanese chefs who specialize in the preparation French and Italian cuisine in Japan.

The chefs wanted to adopt Kamebishi's extremely high quality shoyu in their preparations without making their creations being labeled "fusion cooking" or "Japanized" French or Italian dishes. The chefs were looking for some innovative ingredient made from traditional shoyu that could meet their needs. The answer to the chefs' needs, SOY SALT, was developed by the Kamebsishi Company.

This light, flaky, aromatic and flavorful SOY SALT is a long way from a very traditional products mad by the company.

In the production of shoyu, soy sauce, Kamebishi is the only company today in Japan that continues to use the time and labor intensive, 250 year-old koji preparation technique, called mushiro-koji. All other brewers, large and small, have switched to more modern or highly automated methods to convert the soy beans to allow for fermentation.

artisanal soybean fermentation process and soy salt flakes

In the mushiro-koji method layers of koji mold-applied soybeans and wheat are placed on layers of mats made from bamboo and rice straw and placed in a temperature and humidity controlled room. All of the processes in the room are conducted by hand by experienced knowledgeable craftsmen. In addition to the mushiro-koji method, Kamebishi relies largely on domestic organic ingredients. The fermentation process in 100 years old cedar vats takes three full years.

There is another special production feature in Kamebishi's shoyu. Kamebishi uses a portion of its own two years-old shoyu in the fermentation process of each batch. In most breweries spring water alone is the liquid used in the brewing process. This re-use of already aged shoyu results in enhanced and complex flavors. The resulting shoyu is extremely flavorful with 14.5% salt content. The dry SOY SALT is produced from the shoyu using the most modern drying equipment resulting in well shaped uniform salt crystals.

Use SOY SALT as a new and exotic garnish for any dish requiring additional saltiness along with excellent flavor. In addition to flavor and good appearance SOY SALT provides natural glutamic acid that emboldens all of the dishes flavor characteristics.

soy salt nutrition facts Ingredients: wheat, soybeans, sea salt

Shelf life: 1 year after the production date; after opening preferably used as soon as possible for best flavor and nutritional value. Like most salts, SOY SALT is averse to moisture. Thus opened packages should be closed tightly. Use very dry equipment for handling SOY SALT from the package

The Company: Kamebishi Company, founded in 1753, is the only company that continues to produce the finest quality soy sauce using 18th century, artisan methods. The company is located in a rural town of Hiketa, Kagawa Prefecture, where mild climate also encourages the production of the most delicious strawberries in Japan. The company is actively managed by the 17th generation family member Kana Okada who will succeed her father, the current president. Ms. Okada was educated as an exchange student in the United States.

Kamebishi Company After a stint working in Japan at an international organization, The Japan Foundation, she returned to her family's business, acquiring the skill and knowledge of 250 years old shoyu production by working day and night together with company's experienced and committed employees. Ms. Okada is an innovator. In addition to creating SOY SALT she developed a unique shoyu flavored ice cream that was quickly copied by other brewers.

She has also created an unusual ice cream flavored with moromi. Moromi is the flavorful soybean and wheat mash remaining after the fermented batch is filtered to obtain shoyu. Not many brewers can jump on this bandwagon because moromi is only produced by brewers making shoyu by strict artisan methods. Ms. Okada is pleased and proud of her moromi ice cream and her SOY SALT. The ice cream is produced in limited quantities and, unfortunately, is not yet available outside of Japan.

›› Recipe with SOY SALT, Premium Soy Sauce in Unique Flake Form

Edamame risotto with SOY SALT from Hiroko Shimbo's NY MTC Kitchen Culinary Room

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