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Artisan Brown Sugar from Okinawa

Okinawa Kokuto

From Nanpu-do Company

Excellent quality OKINAWA KOKUTO brown sugar comes from the culture and history rich small southern-most island of Okinawa Prefecture, the chain of islands extending to the south from the main Japanese islands. There the cultivation of sugar cane and the production of brown sugar began at the beginning of 17th century.

It is interesting that Okinawa is famous for enjoying the greatest longevity among the entire Japanese population, and the Japanese themselves have the longest life span in the world. The consumption of pure brown sugar along with plenty seaweed, tofu and pork (yes, pork!) in the diet is believed to contribute to the healthy long life of Okinawans.

Unlike American brown sugar most of which is produced by adding molasses to refined, processed white sugar, OKINAWA KOKUTO is made only from 100% pure sugar cane juice. All of the rich mineral and vitamin content of the cane remains in this highest quality product.

The production of OKINAWA KOKUTO begins with the harvest of one and half year old sugar cane. The stalks are pushed through a pressing machine producing delightfully aromatic cane juice. This juice is then transferred to a huge cooking pot and is cooked down for two and half hours until the liquid becomes syrupy.

During this process the hot sugar liquid travels from the large pot to smaller pots in three steps as the volume of liquid continues to shrink. At the end of the process very hot syrup is finally transferred to a shallow iron container, raked for several minutes, and then crystallized and dried. Finally the brown sugar is cut into cubes for packaging.

Unlike refined white sugar, OKINAWA KOKUTO contains small but balanced quantities of beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. These trace elements give OKINAWA KOKUTO its unique extremely flavorful taste characterized by sweetness gently wrapped with pleasant acidity, saltiness and bitterness.

These unique flavor characteristics distinguish OKINAWA KOKUTO from other mass-produced brown sugar products. It is also a source of B vitamins. Beyond its wonderful flavor consuming a portion of OKINAWA KOKUTO every day contributes to our good health and well being.

kokuto nutrition facts Ingredients: pure sugar cane

Shelf life: 1 1/2years; opened package should be closed tight to prevent moisture from entering; use as soon as possible for better flavor

The Company: Nanpudo Company, the manufacturer and distributor of OKINAWA KOKUTO, was founded in 1972. It is located in the city of Itoman, Okinawa Prefecture. Okinawa was once an independent kingdom and has been an important trading partner of Japan for centuries. Okinawa continues to enjoy its rich, unique culinary traditions.

Nanpudo's mission is to introduce and promote healthy Okinawa food products to the entire Japanese population, and now to the world. OKINAWA KOKUTO is one such product that is gaining the attention of diners and cooks in and outside Japan.

›› Recipe with OKINAWA KOKUTO, Artisan Brown Sugar from Okinawa

OKINAWA KOKUTO yogurt mousse from Hiroko Shimbo's NY MTC Kitchen Culinary Room

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