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The 41 Shochu Cocktail Recipes
by the Awarded Master Mixologist

Click a shochu cocktail photo or the name of a cocktail categorized by shochu varieties to see the recipe of shochu cocktail with a bigger photo.

Shochu Cocktail Torikai Martini Shochu Cocktail Torikai Pink Jelly Rock Shochu Cocktail Yokaichi Cantaloup Shochu Cocktail Yokaichi Herbs Shochu Cocktail Gankutu Ou with Shiitake Mushroom Broth Shochu Cocktail Gankutsu Ou and Fresh Tomato Shochu Cocktail Shiro and Fresh Banana
Shochu Cocktail Edamame and Shiro Shochu Cocktail Kakushigura and Asian Pear Shochu Cocktail Kakushigura and Fuji Apple Shochu Cocktail Denen and Watermelon Shochu Cocktail Hot Buttered and Den-en Shochu Cocktail Yokaichi with Daikon Radish Shochu Cocktail Yokaichi Cucumber
Shochu Cocktail Towari Sesame Milk Shochu Cocktail Towari of the Soba-Ya Shochu Cocktail Jougo and Cloves Shochu Cocktail Jougo with Soy Milk Shochu Cocktail Seifuku and Fresh Pineapple Shochu Cocktail Seifuku and Sardine Broth Shochu Cocktail Mizuho with Star Anise
Shochu Cocktail Mizuho with Soy Milk Shochu Cocktail Mizuho and Pumpkin Shochu Cocktail Sudachi Shiso Mojito Shochu Cocktail Kiwi and Sudachi Chu Shochu Cocktail Pure (Jun) Cosmopolitan Shochu Cocktail Pure (Jun) Screw Driver Shochu Cocktail Houzan and Sweet Potato
Shochu Cocktail Houzan and Cocoa Shochu Cocktail Tomino Hozan and Fuji Apple Shochu Cocktail Tomino Hozan and Raisins on the Rock Shochu Cocktail Kiccho Hozan and Dropped Balsamic Shochu Cocktail Kiccho Hozan and Ginger Shochu Cocktail Shiranami and Watermelon Shochu Cocktail Shiranami and Celery
Shochu Cocktail Shiroku no Gon and Rosemary Shochu Cocktail Shiroku no Green Tea Shochu Cocktail Kurokame Cilantro Mojito Shochu Cocktail Kurokame with Coffee Shochu Cocktail Ikkomon Vanilla Shake Shochu Cocktail Ikkomon and Cinnamon mix

Shochu Cocktails featuring
Kome Shochu (Rice Shochu)

Shochu Cocktails featuring
Mugi Shochu (Barley Shochu)

Shochu Cocktails featuring
Soba Shochu (Buckwheat Shochu)

Shochu Cocktails featuring
Kokuto Shochu (Black Sugar Shochu)

Shochu Cocktails featuring
Awamori (Thai Rice Shochu)

Shochu Cocktails featuring
Sudahchi Shochu (Sudachi Citrus Shochu)

Shochu Cocktails featuring
Imo Shochu (Sweet Potato Shochu)

Presented by Mr. Gen Yamamoto

Born in 1979, He grew up in the Mie prefecture, Japan.
He moved to Tokyo in 1998 and started learning about the restaurant business.
In 2000, He was exposed to the bar business, which gave him the knowledge of liquor, fruit and the history of art, and music.

In may 2004, He was offered the opportunity to come to Teaneck, NJ to create "Lounge Zen", which became the local favorite hang out and gathering spot for art and music. Today, Lounge Zen has peaked the curiosity of the local media as well.

He began his own business,, which caters to special occasions, as well as creating innovative cocktail menus and new era drinks for companies. He is currently focusing and studying the Japanese history of shochu and Sake.

In 2006, Gen took 2nd place at the Marie Brizard cocktail competition in NYC, and was given the cocktail designer award.

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