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Learning About Shochu:
What are the various types of shochu?

What are the differences between Otsu-rui Shochu and Ko-rui Shochu?
There are two types of shochu known as "ko-rui" or "otsu-rui". The difference in the two results from the number of times they are distilled.

"Otsu-rui" has to be made with the single distilling method, a very traditional distilling method used since the 14th century. This type is popularly known as "Real-thing shochu" (honkaku-shochu.) Any shochu made with raw material is categorized as "otsu-rui." This type of shochu has the rich flavor and fragrance of the principal ingredient. It has to be diluted with water to reduce the alcohol content to less than 45 percent.

"Ko-rui" is made with a consecutive distilling method which removes any components without alcohol and produces a high degree of purity. This method has been in existence officially only since 1949. Ko-rui has to be diluted with water until it contains less than 36 percent alcohol. "Ko-rui" shochu is very close to being both tasteless and odorless, so it is best used for cocktails.

Shochu Distillation Methods - Korui Otsurui

Process Aroma Flavor
  • This type of shochu is done with a consecutive diltilling method.
  • This method extracts pure alohol; tasteless and odorless.
  • This method has been around since 1949.
Almost NO aroma, but it's great for making cocktails. Almost NO flavor, but it's great for making cocktails.
  • This type of shochu is made with the single distilling method.
  • This very traditional distilling method has been used since the 14th century.
Elegant fragrance of ingredients. Rich flavor of ingredients.

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