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Learning About Shochu:
What is the percentage of alcohol, and
how does it affect the shochu?

According to the governing body that regulates shochu production, the alcohol content has to be between 12~45%. The original shochu, called "genshu," is usually 44~60% in alcohol content, so it has to be diluted with water. Most shochu has a 25% alcohol content, so it has a much lower level of distilled alcohol as compared to that of whiskey or vodka.

Alcohol Percentage Comparison Chart:
Shochu and Other Alcohol Beverages

Type of Alcohol Average Alcohol Percentage Main Ingredients Origin
Distilled Alcohol SHOCHU 12% to 45% Sweet Potato, Rice, Wheat, etc. Mostly produced in Japan
WHISKY 40% to 60% Barley Originated in England
BRANDY 40% to 60% Grapes Originated in France
Vodka 40% to 60% Barley, Wheat & Corn Originated in Russia
Tequila 35% to 40% Blue Agave Originated in Mexico
Pao-Chu (Chinise Shochu) 30% to 60% Rice & Beans Originated in China
Brewed Alcohol SAKE 14% to 18% Rice Mostly Produced in Japane
WINE 12% to 16% Grapes Produced in all over the world
BEER 4% to 15% Barley Produced in all over the world
15% to 55% Sticky Rice, Wheat Produced and Originated in China

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