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Shochu, Japanese Vodka/Distilled Spirit

Shochu is another alcoholic beverage imported directly from Japan. The difference between Japanese sake and shochu is that Japanese sake is made with brewed alcohol, but shochu is made with distilled alcohol and is in the same category as whiskey, scotch, and vodka.

Shochu in a ceramic cup Shochu is made with several raw ingredients and is usually produced in warmer regions like the southern area of Japan. Currently there are approximately 635 different shochu sakaguras (breweries; Otsu type) that have come a long way in developing many new remarkable shochus.

Within the past couple of years, there has been a huge shochu boom taking place in Japan, and the consumption of shochu has increased dramatically.

Our Wholesale Shochu List

Over hundred of Shochu information including photos of bottles, downloadable labels, shelf talkers!

Learning About Shochu

Tips to enjoy shochu including food matching lists.

» Shochu Cocktails

41 creative, delicious shochu cocktail recipes with beautiful presentations by the awarded mixologist, Mr. Gen Yamamoto.

Rice Shochu Cocktail photo Barley Shochu Cocktail photo Buckwheat Shochu Cocktail photo Black Sugar Shochu Cocktail photo Awamori Shochu Cocktail photo Sudachi Shochu Cocktail photo Sweet Potato Shochu Cocktail photo

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