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Learning About Japanese Sake, Jizake
The health benefits of sake

1. Preventing Cancer

Japanese sake contains many components, including amino acids. Amino acids have many beneficial aspects for health because they activate brain function and strengthen the immune system. Amino acids may also help to prevent cancer as well.

Sake kasu, the lees or by-product of pressing, also were found to activate the Natural Killer Cell. The Natural Killer Cell, a kind of lymphocyte known to kill only cancer cells. Sake kasu is usually used for making Japanese pickles (tsukemono.)

2. Prevention of Cirrhosis

Many have falsely believed Japanese sake to be harmful to the liver. This is not true. If the function of the liver is getting weak, or if some amino acids are lacking, then it may be difficult to process protein. Sake's amino acids can help to ensure good health.

3. Preventing Arteriosclerosis

Cholesterol is necessary for maintaining proper health but can result in arteriosclerosis in excessive amounts. This well-known bad cholesterol can be counter-balanced with good cholesterol. Japanese sake has been shown to be effective in increasing good cholesterol levels and producing better blood flow.

4. Preventing of Angina pectoris or Cardiac Infarction

Moderate quantities of Japanese sake prevent angina pectoris or cardiac infarction because of sakes effectiveness in dissolving thrombi or increasing good cholesterol.

5. Preventing aging and senility

It is well known that people who drink Japanese sake every day in moderation, have better brain function than people who don't drink at all. It was also recently discovered that peptide in Japanese sake is very effective in preventing forgetfulness.

6. Preventing of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease which makes bones brittle and susceptible to breakage. There is no specific medical treatment for Osteoporosis, but women can prevent it by use of certain female hormones. Japanese sake was found to increase these hormones in women if drunk in moderation (3-6 glasses per week.)

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