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About New York Mutual Trading, Inc.

Mutual Trading Co., Inc. was founded in 1926. New York Mutual Trading started selling Japanese restaurant supplies and equipment, Japanese foods and sake in 1973 and now utilizes its own shipping system out of a ten thousand sq. ft warehouse to distribute more than 4,000 items direct throughout the tri-state area.

New York Mutual Trading pioneered the concept of the distributor partnering with the Japanese vendor directly to make new items (such as food and sake) available in the United States. We import and distribute more than one hundred kinds of Jizake, Japanese Premium Sake.

Every fall we have our annual restaurant show for trade businesses in New York City with vendors from the US and Japan highlighting new products and conducting seminars.

New York Mutual Trading Inc. continues to make great strides for the culinary professional with the April 2009 opening of the new Japanese culinary center, showroom and store, MTC Kitchen ( | 711 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10017). MTC Kitchen has among other things: imported Japanese tableware, high quality Japanese knives and a large variety of kitchenware, Japanese restaurant supplies and equipment. There will also be a test kitchen available on the premises.

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